Pierce the HeArt Lessons will be a free art class web series starring renowned Long Island Equine Artist, Teacher, and Illustrator Joanne Y. Pierce at the pedagogical helm. Episodes will span from one-on-one lessons with viewers and Joanne, classes with a few students of varying ages, to one-on-one interviews with people of significance while working on a project.

Predominantly, episodes will be in a traditional art classroom setting, but we will also have onsite solo lessons at various scenic locations around Long Island, highlighting Joanne's favorite horse farms, vineyards, beaches, etc. Classes will cover all levels of proficiency, from basic arts and crafts and fundamentals to museum quality technique.


Pierce the HeArt Lessons' mission is not only to share Joanne's highly experienced and innate artistic techniques, passions, and life experiences with people of all ages...

It is equally important for us to play an integral part in filling the creative and therapeutic void that so many human beings are experiencing in the modern world, while in turn providing the best solution to cuts in public arts funding and the rise in private lessons and art higher education expenses.

Along the way, Pierce the HeArt Lessons will spotlight the incredible beauty of Long Island, it's local businesses, and the philanthropic organizations Joanne loves and supports. 


Pierce the HeArt Lessons classes will range from fifteen minutes to multiple hours, depending on the proficiency of the highlighted project. Regardless of project length, episodes will be formatted to be shot and released in quick bites. 

With the rise in the convenience of on demand and on-the-go content digestion, it is clear that the future will favor a series that is crafted specifically for easy and efficient mobile consumption. By splitting projects into ten minute lessons, you provide value to every viewer demographic. The casual on-the-go and homebody viewers, those who love to watch Bob Ross without even painting along, can enjoy each individual lesson at their convenience and decide to pause or continue on to the next with no disruption to the flow of the project. The viewers who embrace the encouragement to work alongside Joanne will be able to do so wherever they are - hopefully outside at their favorite scenic location!

Pierce the HeArt Lessons will cover:

  • Quick solo sessions to practice specific techniques

  • Solo episodes with projects of varying proficiency

  • Classroom setting episodes with small number of students

        - Children 

        - Adults 

        - Children and adults of need who would benefit from art therapy

        - People of cultural significance - especially Joanne's favorite entertainers, Comedians 

  • One-on-one interviews with people of significance while working on a project

  • On location solo episodes where Joanne is painting the immediate scenery

  So come on in. Let's get to work!


On August 8, 2019, a 30-day Kickstarter Campaign to create the Pilot Episode of Pierce the HeArt Lessons came to close at 105% funded. With a goal of raising $22,500, nearly 40 generous Backers came together to surpass that goal for a total of $23,531!

Special thanks to:

  • Brian Hicks & Suzanne Cadden

  • Brian Taupier

  • Cassie Vogelsang

  • Cindy Burton

  • Dee & Chris Maleno

  • Derek Folts

  • Dr. Jeffrey & Barbara Pierce

  • Dr. Stevan Pierce

  • Eileen Browne

  • Erin Cannata

  • James & JJ Ludwig

  • James Whalen

  • James Wittpenn

  • Jeff Scheer

  • Justin Wilock

  • Kevin & Sabrina Walsh

  • Marie Pierce

  • Mark Peters

  • Mary & Tom Spitz

  • Matthew Cannata

  • Megan McGuiness

  • Michael Anderson

  • Michael O’Rourke

  • Michael Pierce

  • Patrick Anderson

  • Paul & Chelsea Cauchi

  • Roger & Fran Pierce

  • Ryan & Christan Nicklas

  • Scott & Gina Zambelli

  • Steve Cuce

  • Steve & Tricia Norris

  • Susan & Jan Wejchert

  • Tim Browne

  • Will Ciolino

  • Win Sheridan

A note from Joanne:

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all who shared, supported, and backed the Pierce the HeArt Lessons Kickstarter Campaign. Your support of our dream means the world to us. We are determined to create a truly revolutionary show! Thank you for being a friend of the show from the ground floor!”

We are excited to announce that we have launched the Pierce the HeArt Lessons YouTube Channel!

In our world premiere, we invite you behind-the-scenes to witness one of the pivotal steps in our pre-production process to bring the Pilot Project to life - scripting and crafting the architecture of our episodes!

Watch as I walk you through the high-level steps of our introductory Pierce the HeArt Lessons project - How to Draw a Horse Head & Neck!

Joanne introduces the Pierce the HeArt Lessons Pilot project and explains how she prepares her illustration board.
Joanne explains the importance of outlining the proper size and gesture as the first steps in the project.
Joanne begins to lay in the detail of the horse's head and neck and explains the importance of location, location, location.
Joanne continues laying in detail while explaining the importance of shape and size.
Joanne moves on from laying in further detail to explain how to develop the line drawing into a value drawing by shading.
Joanne describes how future lessons will delve deeper into the many values in the sketch that will make your horse head and neck look three dimensional on a two dimensional surface.